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are a bit different...

our sauces

Everyone loves the way sauces add flavour to our favourite foods but so many are full of refined sugar with a long list of additives and preservatives.  Hardly any can claim to be truly natural and even fewer are made here with locally sourced ingredients.  That’s where we’re also a bit different…


Our honey is sourced from apiarists in Nelson and Coromandel and our fresh chillies come from Northland, the only extra addition to our OG Sweet Sting is a dash of organic  vinegar. 

Sweet Sting also forms the main ingredient in our range of sauces, starting with Hot Honey Mustard and Space Jam but soon to be a whole range of deliciously surprising condiment creations.

Because we choose to support local, we have unique control over our supply chain and ingredients. It’s important to us that our ingredients are transparently sourced from local businesses who pay fair wages, support communities and give back to local economies.

So when you support us, you’re not only getting a tasty product to spice up your life , you’re helping support a wider network which will hopefully grow and thrive as we grow.  Feels good, right?

thanks very much for supporting us!

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