Ferris Bueller's Lucid dream

Do cocktail creations constantly surprise and inspire? Is Tuesday night the least inspiring night of the week?

The universe knows the answer to these great questions (yes), and this weekly drink special looks like it might transform Tuesdays into the best night of the week.

It’s called Ferris Bueller’s Lucid Dream which is genius in itself and contains a dash of @sweetsting_hot_honey of course, but why wait to Tuesday - have a Lucid Dream at home now!

Cocktail by the Bramble Onehunga @thebramblenz

2 Servings

5 Mins Prep Time


1 Tbsp sweet sweet sting

1 std. Pour of Pederson's Aquavit

1 std. Pour of Amaretto

2 Squeeze of lemon juice

2 Tbsp of Aquafaba or egg white


  1. Mix thoroughly in a cocktail shaker, muddle, pour and serve. (Or better yet, visit The Bramble and experience it in person)

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